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COVID-19 is impacting every area of our lives. Now is the time to stay connected to your congregation and continue to invite the unchurched to be fed spiritually during this season of unrest - we want to help!

Our company has always been built on expanding God’s Kingdom and our team of digital strategists and trusted partners have put together several resources to help you leverage digital tools for you and your church. It is our hope that these tools will serve you well in the weeks ahead and beyond as you implement online strategies.

Free Tools

Our friends and industry leaders want to help too! Here are some of the best in the business offering free services to churches and individuals right now.

Brushfire is the go-to online ticketing and registration platform. Setting up Easter registrations is free and super easy and their support team is available to help any church get started. They also provide an online streaming service that can be utilized for weekend services for a small fee.

Rightnow Media is giving away free access to the biggest video Bible study library in the world! This includes discipleship content for pastors, leaders, small groups, adults, students and kids.

A turnkey online streaming video player. Some of the key elements include a live chat, buttons for giving, links to resources, sermon notes, and forms for next steps.

Free Resources

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6 Steps To Do Church Online

6 Steps To Creating Online Small Groups

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The Dunham Podcast
COVID-19: Let’s Talk Church Online and Giving

Trent interviews Nils Smith as they address strategies for an effective livestream experience and anxiety surrounding the new norm when it comes to budgets and giving. God CAN use this as a season of harvest for the Kingdom. We’re praying for you!

Listen on your preferred channel:

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Online Church: Providing the Best Experience

Engage with your congregation in new, effective ways. In this course you’ll get helpful tips on:

  • How to enhance your audio/video quality
  • Choosing a primary engagement channel
  • The importance of clear calls to action
  • How to continue social engagement throughout the week

Thanks to modern technology, worship, teaching, and community can remain in full swing! You can do this… and do it well! Watch Here.

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*This course is sponsored by Blackbaud Faith Solutions

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